Bone Stock

by Mary Todd

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Ashley Levine - Guitar and vocals
Christopher Day - Bass and vocals
Josh Harris - Drums


released April 20, 2017

Recorded and Mixed by Scot Moriarty at Backroom Studios, Dover, NJ, June-August, 2016.
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music

Artwork by Ashley Levine and Marc Christo



all rights reserved


Mary Todd New York

A three-piece grindcore band of Brooklyn, Mary Todd is an energetic force comparable to extreme gyrations. We're incredibly psyched to shred sweet shows with local and touring artists in 2017.


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Track Name: The Architect
I've lost reason
of words remembered
despair only registers
voids consume the scraps
a shell brittled as death

A fraud a fake
A bald facade

An architect of emptiness
An ocean of apathy

Exporting doubt with empty hands
Importing hollow faith in time

everything loved leaves where
the only guarantee is abandonment

Everything leaves love
begets abandonment
Track Name: Widowed
Wallow in the ache of his last touch

The tyrant of longing
The death of survival

The plea for a word
For a word, just one (fucking) word

A torrent of lead
A dearth of breath

A body dispatched
A void only left

You were mine
My love my world

Splintered, loss defines
All presence now

Spirits lead my mind
To rot, to long for emptiness

Amid charred earth
Is all I have
Track Name: The Opposite
Every decision collapsed
worlds of choice
unearthed amid debris
of wrong

Right found its way out
of doubting all
knowing all
truth revealed false

Chicken salad on rye
is the opposite
of tuna on toast

If you're bald
jobless and living
in adolescent

Obsolescence as essence
ingrained our finger
Prints the narrative of unraveling

Always the same never
Track Name: Andrew Johnson
Branches ablaze, a festering root
Soil stained in curious swaths
A cowardly murder for no cause
Calloused concrete his final repose

Skyline shrouded, a red film envelops
Rivers desperate to cleanse the rotten
Batons extinguish an innocent flame
Grayed out forever apparitions remain

A gaze beyond vertical bars
Terrain decayed, discriminate ruin
A man sends his son to sleep
Flouting the law of the land
Track Name: Shoot To Kill
I'm taking aim
Aspiring for the chief's
Chair of human skin

A bone throne of misanthropy
Underpinned by fascist sin

A union of convenient hate
Willed to all
A despotic estate

Forged by
Pawns and thieves

Regiments of barrel chests
Suspending bankrupt
Silver crests

A community of

A terrorist pledge to
Shoot to kill
Track Name: Steve Day's HighPA
We're manning our positions
Sabres reflect leaden skies
Perpetuate violent conditions
Annihilation preserves our pride
(Pillaged pride lives)

Be apprised of the sacrifice
Mortal sins with no repentance
(Savage race)
We are savages decimating
Gore-soaked soil

That gave us life!
Track Name: TR6
Life-sized, snotty, crash test dummy.
Apple pie offered. A.. little taste,

Come on!

A doll of fashion without sense to move.

Plastic on a pedestal!

Stemming from a neurosis Jerry can't quiet grasp,

her existent resistance.

Poppie didn't wash his hands.

Her father's livelihood shut down.

George finds a steal to stash.

Episode of revenge.

Kramer pleased the need, lost the itch.

Distressed by tableau,

she steals herself.

Insistent bad luck for him,

never not paying the price.

Withdrawn of feeling

molded by hands of His!
Track Name: Lines
Lines between

and sadness
have blurred

Between fear and joy
Between love and dependence
Between need and hate

Between a world hidden
And one unknown
I exist listless and restless
Running in place

Of living I know
Not to cut lines
Drawing absolutes

We're living in a society here!!!

Joys superficial and fixed
Will evaporate into morose mist
a residue of living